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Recently added products

  • Victorian Scroll Door Knocker Aged Brass – RD050L

    Height 8″
    Width 4″
    Depth 2″


  • Victorian Style Door Knocker – RD045L

    Height  9″
    Width  3½”
    Depth  2½”

  • Edwardian Style Door Knocker – RD044L

    Height  8″
    Width  2″
    Depth  1½”

  • Rams Head Door Knocker Nickel Plated – RD041L

    Height 6½”
    Width 4″
    Depth 1½”

  • Arts & Crafts Style Door Knocker – RD037L

    Height 8½”
    Width 3″
    Depth 2½”

  • Georgian Style Lion Door Knocker – RD036L

    Height: 6″
    Width: 4″
    Depth: 2″

  • Highland Cow Door Knocker RD039L

    Height: 3½”
    Width: 3¼”
    Depth: 1¼”

  • Large Fish Door Knocker – RD040L

    Height 9″
    Width 4″
    Depth 6″

  • Lion’s Head Door Knocker – RD043L

    Height 9″
    Width 5½”
    Depth 2½”

  • Brush Nickel Sunflower Door Knocker – RD035L

    Height 6¾”
    Width 4¾”
    Depth 1″

  • Victorian Scroll Door Knocker – RD042L

    Height 8″
    Width 4″
    Depth 2″


  • Polished Nickel Anchor Door Knocker – RD031L

    Height 7″”
    Width 4¼”
    Depth 1½”


Antique Door Knockers

Antique Door Knockers is a small family run business founded in 1990, specialising in antique Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco door knockers and letter boxes. We have the largest selection of antique doorknockers online in the UK, with our antique door knockers and letter boxes dating from 1800 to 1950..

You will find a large variety of door knockers, letter boxes and door furniture in different styles and materials such as brass, cast iron and copper.

We have various themes of door knockers and letter boxes such as Fairy Tale, featuring Pixies, Elves, Imps, Fairies and many more mischievous creatures. Cartoon characters; Bonzo, Bugs Bunny, Famous People; Charles Dickens, Nelson, Rob Roy, Wellington, Shakespeare, Robert Burns, Queen Mary, Alfred the Great, Caesar, Henry VIII, Lady Godiver. Place Names; London, Wales, Scotland, Devon, Bath, Blackpool and many more, in brass, cast iron and copper.

Door furniture drifts through history; we have door knockers from the Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts and Art Deco periods, with design influences from Christopher Dresser, William Morris, William De Morgan, Rennie Mackintosh and hundreds of unknown artists, plus a large selection of Victorian Door Knockers by A Kenrick & Sons.

Our brass, cast iron and copper antique door knockers and letter boxes are available for you to buy online, delivery within the UK is usually within 7 days.

All stock shown is available, we constantly update so if you can’t find the door knocker or letter box you want today try again soon.

It’s arrived today! Excellent service and very pleased. Thank you. Will remember you if I need anything again.

Mary HopkinsBerkshire

I received the door-knocker yesterday and very pleased with the purchase, Thank you.

John CollingsSouth East London

The door knocker arrived yesterday, suits and looks perfect. Thanks once again.

Samire HermannSwitzerland

I am so pleased to have found that goat door knocker at long last.  I’ve been searching forever!

Lisa MurrayLondon

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